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Series of Break-ins by 233 St & Jerome Ave (Woodlawn Area)

Date: 09/18/17
Time: 6:45pm
Where: Bronx (Woodlawn Area)

We normally dont cover the Bronx/NYC but this time around we did because this problem affected Yonkers Residents.

Folks, we want you to know that there has been a series of break-ins into cars that are parked in the area of 233 St and Jerome Ave. The thief seem to be focused on stealing Air Bags/Head Lights but they will steal anything they think is of value (Cell Phones/Sun Glasses/Expensive Clothing etc). We would suggest you park in other areas if possible but if not, then we suggest you dont leave anything of value in your car. For sure, you dont want to leave anything that indicates where you live and your home keys.

One of our YV friends calls us today because she felt that this needed to be brought up to light.
Our friend tells us that her car was broken in 3 times in the last few months and 3 air bags have been stolen as well as head lights/fog lights.
Car had to be towed due to insurance policy. The insurance Company did not allow the cars to be taken without airbags.

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