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Police activity on 171 N Broadway

Date: 09/19/17
Time: 4:20pm
Where: 171 N Broadway

Yonkers PD received a call of a possible man armed with a handgun inside a black Dodge Charger.
Within minutes the area was flooded with Officers and the situation was placed under control.
We noticed that Officers were speaking with two Latino males and a 3rd person (a black man) was very much agitated, I do not know how this man connects with this incident.
Let me also point out that I did not see any gun being recovered, I am not saying that there was or wasn’t one.
30 minutes later one of the Latino man was handcuffed and placed inside of a Police Cruiser, we do not if he was arrested/custody or if this was in connection with this incident.
Folks: Keep in mind this: Everyone is presumed innocent until found guilty and just because someone is taken out in handcuffs it does not automatically that this person is guilty of anything.

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