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Victor Florencio ‘El Nino Prodigio’

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS ITS YONKERS VOICE!!!Date: 05/19/22Time: 1:15pmWhere: BOTANIKA by El Niño Prodigio Address: 1175 Jerome Ave, Bronx-NY 10452Who: Victor Florencio/El Nino ProdigioVictor Florencio best known as El Niño Prodigio is a World renown Astrologist & Spiritualist and founder of a Spiritual line recognized in the United States and …

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Virginia Perez vs London Reyes

IT ISN’T LOCAL UNLESS ITS YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 08/22/17 Where: Yonkers Who is going to be the next Legislator for Westchester County District 17? Will it continue to be Virginia Perez OR London Reyes? Virginia Perez (Westchester County Legislator) had some very harsh words towards the challenger of her seat …

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Bus Shelter to protect our Senior Citizens

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 08/22/17 Time: 12:30pm Where: 334 Riverdale Ave – Yonkers Ref: Bus Shelter Mayor Spano and Virginia Peres feel that protecting our Senior Citizens is extremely important. Do to many crimes agaisnt this group, Virginia Perez (Westchester County Legislator ) took the initiative …

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Water rescue by the JFK Marina

IT ISN’T LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 08/10/17 Time: 11:00pm Where: By JFK Marina in Yonkers YPD Marine1, YPD and Westchester County Aviation responded to the JFK Marina on a report that two people were missing in the water after they lost control of their Jet Ski. Fortunately this …

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Donna Nolan counter punches Hezi Aris

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 08/10/17 Time: 1:00pm Where: Yonkers Yesterday the Yonkers Tribune/Hezi Aris  released an article about the Nolan’s family and we at Yonkers Voice felt that we needed to contact Donna Nolan and give her an opportunity to counter the claims. Please watch the interview …

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Conversation with Honorable Wilson Terrero

IT ISN’T LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 08/09/17 Time: 2:30pm Where: Yonkers Yonkers Voice had the pleasure of interviewing the Honorable Wilson Terrero today. Hon. Wilson Terrero is running for the 2nd District City Council seat primarily on the Southwest section if Yonkers. Although Terrero is the endorsed Democratic …

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