A moment with Bob Stauf

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 08/02/18 Where: Yonkers, NY   Yonkers, NY: The Yonkers Voice sat down with former teacher, politician and community activist Bob Stauf   A wide range of national and local social issues were discussed (Social Injustice/Justice, Racism, Donald Trump, Religion, Mental Illness, etc) …

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Un ORGULLO Mexicano

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!!   Who is Mr Roberto Espiritu?   If I had to describe Mr Roberto Espiritu in 3  words, I would simply say: UN ORGULLO MEXICANO!!!!   Mr Espiritu arrived in USA in 1988. He came to USA with a dream and a plan. …

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Alfred Nevarez of All-4-One: It Really Warms My Heart

Alfred Nevarez of All-4-One - Photo Credit: Shefik

Alfred Nevarez Member, All-4-One #Sentimentality All-4-One is a R&B and pop group, best known for their cover hit single “I Swear” from their self-titled debut album. The group comprises Jamie Jones, Delious Kennedy, Alfred Nevarez, and Tony Borowiak. The group has sold 22 million records worldwide. http://invocation.co/show/performer/alfred-nevarez Aptly titled Shefik presents …

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Freddie Jackson: The Title of My First Album Is ‘Rock Me Tonight’

Freddie Jackson - Photo Credit: Shefik

Freddie Jackson 2-Time Grammy Award Nominee #Sentimentality Freddie Jackson is an American soul singer. Among his well-known hits are “Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)”, “Have You Ever Loved Somebody”, “Jam Tonight”, “Do Me Again”, and “You Are My Lady”. http://invocation.co/show/performer/freddie-jackson Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, the nationally-syndicated terrestrial …

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Paul Laurence: This Song Was Written Literally Within 5 Minutes

Paul Laurence - Photo Credit: Shefik

Paul Laurence Recording Artist and Multi-Platinum Music Producer #Sentimentality Paul Laurence is an American multi-platinum songwriter, producer, and keyboardist. He had several number one R&B hits, including Freddie Jackson’s “Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)”, “Jam Tonight”, “Tasty Love”, “Hey Lover”, and “Do Me Again”. http://invocation.co/show/performer/paul-laurence Aptly titled Shefik presents …

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Chuck McDermott: The Importance of Having a Dream

Chuck McDermott - Photo Credit: Shefik

Chuck McDermott Recording Artist #Dreams Over the last 40 years, Chuck McDermott has left his musical mark on audiences on both coasts of the United States. Over the last few decades, he has devoted himself to energy and environmental policy issues, and working in government. http://invocation.co/show/performer/chuck-mcdermott Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, …

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