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YPD Press Conference in Relation to Police Involved Shooting


Date: 04/20/22
Time: 4:30pm
Where: Linden St
What: Press Conference in relation to the Police Related shooting.

********************* YONKERS VOICE LIVE *******************

Officials give Press Conference and update about the Police involved shooting that happen at this location earlier today. At this moment, a the moment of this write up all that we know is that a Police Related Shooting happen and this location and the Officer and one suspect have been shot. At this time we know that the Officer is in serious condition and he suffered a injuries to his stomach and in surgery at the moment, we also know that the suspect is deceased (our Condolences to his family and friends)

We were told by reliable sources that this job was going to be this Officer’s last job and his retirement dinner was planned for next week. We pray and hope for a quick and full recovery.

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