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Will Virginia Perez be the next Senator for NYS 35th District?

Date: 08/31/18
Where: Yonkers
Where in the world is Sen Andrea Cousins? We know where Virginia Perez is!!!
Virginia Perez once again makes herself available to speak with Yonkers Voice Central and the 35th District about her run for NYS Senate for the 35th District.
Will Virginia Perez be your next Senator???
Well that is a decision for you to make!!!
All that we at Yonkers Voice Central can and will do is: Interview the candidates and present them to you, the next step is up to the voters.
Let me make it clear that her opposition, Sen Andrea Stewart-Cousin was also invited to speak with us about 3 weeks ago. Her team come back to us last week but the date that they provided was not acceptable to us, they wanted to give us the interview a few days before the election and that is something that we are not going to do but we would host a debate before the primary.
We are still waiting on an answer from Senator Andrea Cousins on the debate and Virginia Perez once again challenges her.
Isnt it important that we inform the voters on each candidate’s political platform?
Why inst the Senator accepting this invite….Is there anything she does NOT want to talk about or want you to find out?
Senator Andrea Cousins, we would love to hear back from you about the debate and we are ready to interview ONE on ONE as long as its before the 5th (we told this to ur team)
Please watch this interview and learn what Virginia Perez stand for and why she feels that she is the best person for this job!!!


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