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Will Thomas Meiers be Mayor Meier soon?

Date: 10/12/18
Where: Yonkers, NY

Will we soon be calling the current DPW Commissioner, Mayor?
I don’t know but I think that if the term limits does not happen, we may very well be calling Thomas Meier Mayor soon.
If he was to run: Would he have your vote?
Well, we at YVC work for you and you had some questions for Mr Meier, we saw him today and we spoke with him about many issues: Traffic Lights, Roads, Parks (even thought Parks is not within his responsibilities), trash and much more.
We also ask Mr Tom Meier his opinion about Social Media and Bloggers in general, watch the interview and come to your own conclusions 🙂

Social Platforms is the way to go: The old way to deliver NEWS is dead!!!

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