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Smoke condition at a Yonkers Construction site

Date: 05/24/18
Time: around 7:45pm
Where: Ashburton Ave (by the river)
Yonkers, NY: The call come in at around 7:40pm reporting smoke coming from the ground at the construction site on Ashburton Ave.
Within 2 or 3 minutes YPD (arrived 1st) and YFD were on the scene accessing the situation.
My sources say that this appears to be an electrical issue and ConEd would be on the scene shortly.
A quick and effective response from our 1st Responders is the most important factor to save lives and property.
If this LAYOFF comes: Will it put our Citizens and Property at risk?
As ALWAYS: Yonkers Voice is FOCUSED and DETERMINED to bring you the URBAN NEWS that is important and relevant to you.

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