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Mt Vernon crime is rate is DOWN!!!

Date: 02/05/18
Time: 11:00am
Where: Mt Vernon NY City Hall

Mayor Richard Thomas announces crime drop rate for the City of Mt Vernon.

Statistics show crime rate in the City of Mt Vernon drops to 32% since 2011. Rape down 42%, Murder down 36% and Robbery down 19% in 2017.

Mayor Richard Thomas joined by Mt Vernon Police Commissioner Shawn Harris and members of NYPD, NY State and Westchester County Police, the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco & Fire Arms and other Law Enforcement Agencies presented the statistics on Mt Vernon crime fighting efforts at a press conference at City Hall.

Year over year, the City registered drops in all the categories against people: Rape down 42%, Murder down 36%, Aggravated Assault down 5%, two of the four categories of crime agaisnt property also dropped with robbery dropping 19%, burglary dropped 16%, Grand larceny went up by 20% and grand larceny auto went up by 20%.

Overall the crime drop from 2016 to 2017 was of 3%, which continued a strong, long term, downward trend in major crime across Mt Vernon compared to last year.


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