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Mayor Richard Thomas speaks about Mt Vernon

“We put out a budget that works for our City. It invests in our city and fixes our roads, sidewalks and street lights, but more importantly it provides the programs for our kids and our seniors.”
– Mayor Richard Thomas
MV MOVING FORWARD: Video Journalist Ru Ros Sits Down With Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas For An Up Date the eighth-most populous city in the state of New York
MOUNT VERNON: Mayor Richard Thomas Says That The City Continues To Move Forward Despite Comptroller Deborah Reynolds Allowing The Amount Of Past Due Increase To Over One Million Dollars
MAYOR THOMAS: Obstructionists Are Trying To Sabotage Progress That Is Going To Benefit The People, Because Of Political Reasons
COMPTROLLER”S CIRCUS: Its became well known to vendors in Westchester County that Comptroller Deborah Reynolds failures in office has cause city vehicles to be repossessed and now the vendor that provides paper products to the seniors is refusing to send things like toilet paper, until his multiple past due invoices are paid.
Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas has been forced to take Comptroller Deborah Reynolds to court, on behalf of the citizens, because a Mount Vernon Police exam was cancelled due to non-payment, a Mount Vernon Police Officer’s medical bills have gone unpaid and a Mount Vernon DPW Bucket Truck was repossessed before the Senior Citizen Centers ran out of toilet paper due to non-payment.
Something needs to be done about Comptroller Deborah Reynolds not paying the bills, before snow plows are needed to clean the streets of Mount Vernon this winter.
Mayor Richard Thomas says that the city hall obstructionists have blocked his efforts to create a capital budget to improve and invest in the city’s infrastructure. Mount Vernon has not had a capital budget since 1987, when Ronald Blackwood was mayor.
The last parking spot that Mount Vernon, built as a city was in the parking lot across from city hall, when Ronald Blackwood was mayor.
The mayor says he has put forth a capital plan that is going to get Mount Vernon back on track with rebuilding Mount Vernon.
The capital plan includes
– Parking garages so that residents have a convenient experience parking.
– Fixing Bridges with the MTA

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