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The King or the Coward of Nodine Hill?

Date: 09/07/17

We at YV work for the Yonkers Community and our Community is our Main Focus.
We feel that information is the key and because of that we bring you another segment about who is running and their REAL motives for the reason they are seeking Public Office.

Yonkers Voice met with Delfim Heusler (Owner/Operator & Reporter) for the Yonkers Insider.
Delfim tells us of the Evil that lurks within the confines of the London Reyes Campaign Headquarters located at 28 Ridge Rd.
His story is harrowing.

Watch as we learn how Brian Harrod (Porn store stiff and slur campaigner for the Reyes regime) writes false articles.
We learned of potential deals made with Brian Harrod (stiff) owner of ABM Maintenance and the Reyes campaign promises.
Is it possible that London Reyes promised PORN stiff Harrod deals to clean County Building???? Does the corruption begins he is even elected?
We have true testimony from a once fearful Delfim Heusler who was afraid but took a stand and would be bullied no more.

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