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It could have been much worst IT it wasnt for our YFD quick response

Date: 05/16/18
Time: 4:30am
Where: 263 Palisades Ave
Yonkers: Early this morning at around 4:30am the YFD responded to a fire call on 263 Palisades Ave, it took then a few minutes to be on scene. The initial call reported smoke coming from the vent pipes.
My sources say that this was a kitchen fire, I could not get any further details.
On the video we see an elderly man being placed on the stretcher, we dont think that this was related to the fire but cannot confirm.
All Fire personal appeared to be ok.
This seems to have been a small fire BUT every fire has the potential to become a MAJOR fire if the response is not quick and effective.
We dont think that the City of Yonkers can afford to LAY OFF our First Responders ( Fire/Police Dept) and put the Citizens of Yonkers at risk.
Every job is important but there are certain things we can make do without: FIRE DEPT & POLICE DEPT is NOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS.
Please contact your Council President, Councilman/woman and tell them that cutting FIRST RESPONDERS is just not ACCEPTABLE!!!

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