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In the case of “Ignorance isn’t Bliss”.

Slaves (Blacks- African Americans) were viewed as animals and as something lesser then themselves. We are talking many years ago,  light skinned people thought this ignorant way, about slaves. We are living in 2015 currently, and there are still “light skinned people” today, who feel the exact same way in which they did centuries ago.  Ignorance is when you do not know, or you are unaware. As time progress, people tend to realize that “their way” of thinking, wasn’t at all the correct way of thinking ” morally,  ethically, and honorable”.  What happen to those who still feel this same way about Blacks today, as the white man (light skinned man) felt centuries ago?  Did they not get the Memo, which stated, “Black Lives Matter”?


Source: http://www.history.com/topics/black-history/slavery

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