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Former Mt Vernon Mayor Speaks with YV


Date: 10/28/19
Time: 10:15am
What: Mayor Richard Thomas

BLOCK BUSTER INTERVIEW: The Truth Will Set You Free – Former Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas Sets The Record Straight

MV HISTORY LIVE: Former Mayor Richard Thomas Who Offers His Election Predictions And Explains Why From His Perspective?

THE REST OF THE STORY: Former Mayor Richard Thomas gives an incisive interview that lets the chips fall where they may as he speaks about the chaos that took over city hall.

It was the first time since Mayor Richard Thomas’ resignation that he has agreed to answer questions on the record in a live and open interview.

Mount Vernon / Yonkers Voice gets an exclusive interview with former Mayor Richard Thomas with no restrictions, what-so-ever.

Mount Vernon’s political Elite will transfixed as they watch this probing interview with former mayor Richard Thomas going out live

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