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Dr Jim Bostic: The Voice of Reason
This episode is about the INJUSTICE in the Justice System.
How unJust is our Justice System?
Well, Dr Jim Bostic and millions of Americans feel that our JUSTICE System is broken and the victims of this injustice are mostly the minorities.
Dr Jim Bostic starts by saying how unbalanced RACIAL motivated & Bias the system is were often minorities get harder sentences for same or lesser crimes.
Dr Jim Bostic pointing out the current opioid crisis: Let’s look at the opioid situation, NOW that this epidemic is affecting NON-minorities in the Community….this is no longer seen as a criminal activity and large sums of money put aside to address this BUT not long ago when the CRACK epidemic hit minorities, anyone who used this was a criminal and put in jail for a long time…
This is just ONE example of INJUSTICE in Our Justice System.
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