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Conversation with Mary Calvi

Who is Mary Calvi

RENAISSANCE WOMAN: Yonkers First Lady, a television journalist, anchor for CBS 2 News and an author of many novels.

NEW NOVEL: “Dear George, Dear Mary By Mary Calvi” discuss’ the ill-fated relationship between the promising 24-year old Colonel by the name of George Washington and his first love, New York heiress and wealthiest belle of Colonia America, Mary Eliza Philipse. Learn how Mary Calvi first learned of this historical relationship and the fascinating historical documents she uncovered in the course of her research.

MULTI-TASKING: Mother, News Broadcaster, Author and Yonkers First Lady Mary Calvi manage to find the time to undertake the telling George and Mary’s relationship? Mary Calvi has three children with her husband, Mike Spano, who was elected mayor of Yonkers, NY in 2011 and is running for re-election this year.

EXCEPTIONAL JOURNALIST: Mary Calvi used to demonstrate formidable debating skills since her elementary school and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in broadcast journalism from the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University she began her career at a New York radio station as a news anchor and reporter.

TRUSTED ANCHOR: She then served as news anchor and assistant news director for the News 12 Networks in Westchester, which operates seven regional cable-television news channels in the New York metropolitan area. In March 2002, Mary Calvi joined WCBS — a local broadcast-television station located in New York City, New York, and the flagship station of the CBS broadcast-television network — where she most recently has served as an anchor
AWARD WINNER: Mary Calvi is the recipient of nine Emmy Awards, including for her breaking-news reportage of the “Miracle on the Hudson”, the 2009 emergency landing of ‪US Airways Flight 1549‬.

Mary Calvi has also been recognized for her writing at the New York Festival’s World Media Awards. Other awards include the National ACE Award for Excellence in Journalism, a Clarion Award for Excellence in Reporting, and the ACIM Award for Excellence in Community Service.

Mary Calvi actually found a missing grandmother lost in the Blackout of 2003. She also traveled to Rome to cover the events surrounding Pope John Paul II. Calvi had also provided coverage on the attacks at the World Trade Center, in 2001 and in 1993.

She serves as a board member of the ‪Hudson River Museum‬ and is involved with many charitable organizations This is her first novel.

Mary Calvi novel, Dear George, Dear Mary: A Novel of George Washington’s First Love will be released ‪February 19, 2019‬ by St. Martin’s Press.


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