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Conversation with Gino Civale about Arts

Date: 05/02/18
Time: 11:00am
Where: Yonkers
******* ARTS & ARTISTS in YONKERS ******
It was a pleasure to sit with Mr Gino Civale and talk about what art means to him and also about his work.
Mr Gino Civale is a World know artist that had his art work on display in many Countries. Mr Civale is also very modest and feels that he is just starting his artistic career, he says that he is been doing this for only 64 years (just starting)
Also let me point out that Gino Civale is not just a painter….He is also a writer.
On our next episode with him we will be talking about his writing/books.
Please watch this very educative interview.
Feel free to SHARE it.
As alway: Yonkers Voice is determined and focused on reporting things that matter you and are relevant to our community.
If you are an artist or an individual with important info that you feel our Community/City needs to know: Please contact us by email at: yv.support@yonkersvoice.com

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