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Conversation with Honorable Wilson Terrero

Date: 08/09/17
Time: 2:30pm
Where: Yonkers

Yonkers Voice had the pleasure of interviewing the Honorable Wilson Terrero today. Hon. Wilson Terrero is running for the 2nd District City Council seat primarily on the Southwest section if Yonkers. Although Terrero is the endorsed Democratic candidate running a primary against an incumbent, this is not his first rodeo, as Terrero is also a former Councilman of the seat he is vying to reclaim in a primary this upcoming September. Terrero is a former councilman of the 2nd District where he served respectfully for 4 years and was the first Latino to serve as majority leader. In his hiatus from the Council, Terrero worked as  Business Services Liaison for the Workforce Investment Bureau, where he successfully was able to place 200 youths into employment, mostly minorities of the district he hopes to represent again. As a previous councilman, he was able to be instrumental in securing $213 million for the renovation of some Yonkers Public Schools, restore teachers, guidance counselors, sports, arts, and crossing guards. He provided resources to open the Library’s again on Sundays, brought new businesses to Yonkers, passed the Affordable Housing Ordinance amongst his many achievements. Terrero decide he wanted to run again cause he felt the district was lacking support on some very major issues including but not limited to, crime, education, local jobs and immigration. Terrero states that he want to represent all of the people in the in the 2nd district regardless if they are Hispanic, Black, Caucasian, Arabic or any other nationality in the tapestry of cultures in his district. Terrero acknowledges that there is crime in the district and one of his goals is to bring back YPD foot patrols and helping them get in touch with the community. Terrero is also very passionate about education funding and programs for the youth, as it his belief that if we invest in our youth we would have less crime. As a community activist Terrero has been instrumental in founding several organizations and has advised in many.He also very wisely acknowledges that there was much he needed to learn and has acquired lots of new information that he hopes he can bring into his City Council position. Yonkers Voice does not endorse, activate on behalf, support, or contributes to any political campaign. We bring you the candidate and he issues and ask that you please come to your own conclusion. We only hope that we were able to help in your decision by bringing you quality interviews. So, please take a moment to watch our video interview and make a decision on your candidate. We only ask that you vote.  Please watch the following video, get informed and hopefully make a decision.To reach, volunteer or donate to the Hon. Wilson Terrero campaign kindly call (914) 230-9158 or Terrero4council@gmail.com. please watch the following Yonkers Voice Exclusive interview.
Disclaimer: Yonkers Voice does not sponsor or endorse any candidate. Our goal is to provide a service to our Community by giving you the information necessary for you to make an educate decision about who is who in the political arena.


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