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2019 Veterans Day Ceremony

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS ITS YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 11/11/19 Time: 10:30am Where: Yonkers, NY CITY OF YONKERS HONORING VETERANS DAY WITH ANNUAL CEREMONY!!! This is something we should do on Daily Basis. It’s because of them that we enjoy our Freedom & Liberty every single day. Thank you to ALL …

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Yonkers 2019 Elections

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS ITS YONKERS VOICE!!! Date/ 11/05/19 Time: 10:00am to 12 noon Where: City of Yonkers What: 2019 Election Day Yonkers Voice covering 2019 Election. We visited some of the Voting Polls where our elected officials and candidates went to vote. Please listen to what they had to …

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Crime & Punishment

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS ITS YONKERS VOICE!!!!!Date: 11/04/19Time: 10:30amWhere: YonkersWhat: Crime & Consequences SOCIAL JUSTICE & INJUSTICE!!! Effects and Consequences of serious violent crimes. What is justice? What is sentence that fits the crime? What can Society do to assure that those who choose to take the life of another, …

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Saw Mill River Parkway Roll-over

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS ITS YONKERS VOICE!!! Date:10/10/19 Time:1:00am Where: SMP North bound by the McLean over pass Initial report came in as: Motor Vehicle accident involving multiples cars, one of the vehicles rolled over multiple times. At the moment we do not know about the seriousness of the injuries …

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Memorial Field Bounces Back!!!

IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS ITS YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 9/26/19 Time: 11:00am Where: Memorial Field, Mt Vernon “ Memorial Field Ground Breaking “ Ceremony. The transformation is on and not going to take long. After many years of a dormant state: Memorial Field will come back to life!!! The support was …

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