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Virginia Perez vs London Reyes

Date: 09/05/17
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Yonkers Public Library

Today, Virginia Perez was scheduled to Debate Mr London Reyes but Mr Reyes did not show up.
For months Mr Reyes has told Yonkers Voice on/off camera that he wanted to debate Virginia Perez but she would not debate him because she was afraid……Well: The one who did not show up was Mr London Reyes….SO WHO WAS AFRAID???
This DEBATE was Broadcasted ” LIVE ” and the message has reached hundreds of folks as a matter of fact: Mr London Reyes is not longer known as the KING of Nodine Hill but the Coward of Nodine Hill….At least this is what we heard and saw in the LIVE comments.
Watch this video and formulate your own opinion!

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