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YFD Ceremony: Promotion & Probationary FireFighters

Date: 09/15/17
Time: 3:00pm
Where: Yonkers Public Library/1 Larkin Plaza

Yonkers Firefighter had a Ceremony today to promote Danny Alicea to Capt, Frank Palmer & Joseph DiMartino to Lt. We wish them all the very best.
YFD also Welcomed 30 new Probationary Firefighters into the YFD Family. We hope that all of them will successfully complete their training. Good things come for those who wait.
We also had an oppurtunity to interview the First American Native to join the YFD ( Ronald Inconstanti).
List of all Probationary Firefighters:
1) Thomas S. Hanney                                16) David J Dronzek Jr
2) Bogdan Kosilov                                      17) Zacharie M Ryan
3) James P. Nadeau                                   18) Roberto Rivera Jr
4) Kevin M Dronzek                                   19) Nicholas P. Mosca
5) Brandon M. Reeves                                20) Keshawn J Swanston
6) Justin C. Colon                                       21) Elias D. Batis-Gelpi
7) Mathew D. Donaghy                              22) Thomas B. Quinn
8) Brian J. Malone                                      23) Stephen A. O’Brien
9) Devan N. Chirurgi                                  24) Joseph P. O’Mahony
10) Jean Paul Rodriguez                           25) Ronald R Insconstanti
11) Michael V. McGuinn                           26) Akinlade J Cummins
12) Jonavy R. Arias                                    27) Mitchell J Borrero
13) Joseph F. Jimenez                               28) Frank J. Reilly
14) Nicholas R. Costabile                          29) Andrew C. Zittell
15) Jonathan Vazquez                                30) Nicholas A. Perez



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