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Injustice in America is done by design!!!

Today we had an opportunity to speak with the author of ” LOCKED UP AND PUT AWAY ” Mr Booker Geez. Locked Up and Put Away is a true Bronx Tale about a father’s love for his children. Author Booker Geez goes from the freedom of the fashion industry to …

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How will a layoff impact Yonkers

IT ISN’T LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 04/20/18 Time: Noon Where: Yonkers Police Headquarter. As always: We at Yonkers Voice are determined and focused on bringing you the News that really matters. Today we spoke with Detective Keith Olsen (President of PBA) about the possibility of a layoff affecting …

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NYC Police Officer Shot

IT ISN’T LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 04/20/18 Where: Bronx It was reported that a NYC PO was shot and killed this morning. This happen in the Precinct parking lot. Details about this incident are not clear at the moment. We spoke with people on the Street and some …

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Illegal Bike racing on Riverdale Ave

IT ISN’T LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 09/20/17 Time: Noon Where: Intersection of Riverdale Ave and Prospect Illegal Bike racing on Riverdale Ave crashes agaisnt a car, rider of the Bike is taken by Police. When we arrived at the scene the rider had already been removed from the …

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London Reyes announces that he is running

IT ISNT LOCAL if IT’S NOT YONKERS VOICE! London Reyes makes his 1st Public appearance announcing that he is on the race for Westchester County Legislator (District 17) London Reyes is running agaisn’t Virginia Perez. London believes that he can bring the changes Yonkers needs.

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Naked in NYC….What was the point?

Naked in NYC? What was the point??? Well, listen to the interview and hear what she had to say. A group of young man/woman dancing butt naked in NYC (Union Square). The point of this was to show the World that we must be confortable with our own skin. They …

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