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2018 Yonkers Democratic Convention

Date: 05/16/18
Time: 6:00pm
Where: Castle Royale
Yonkers: Yonkers Democratic Party got together this evening to nominate/endorse their Candidates for the upcoming election.
We had an opportunity to speak with most candidates to hear from then where they stand on important issues and why should we vote for them.
Please watch this video and vote as your conscience dictates.
Bellow is a list of Candidates/Elected Officials interviewed:
1) Nader Nader J. Sayegh (Running for NYS Assembly 90th District)
2) Mike Khader (Council President)
3) Tom Mayer (Chairman of the Democratic Party)
4) Shanea Shanae Natalee Williams (Councilwoman for the 1st District)
5) Shelley Mayer (NYS Senator)
6) Mark Hynes (Running for Councilman on the 1st District)
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