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Yonkers ” RAT ” Infestation Problem

Date: 06/28/17
Where: Corner of Post St & Elliott Ave

Our Mayor always says that Yonkers is one of the safest City in NY. Would he also say that Yonkers is one of the cleanest City in NY?

Some of our members called us complaining about rats roaming around, so we stopped by and BELIEVE ME…They were HUGE.
Residents of the area (Corner of Elliot Ave & Post) also told me that the garbage you see on the video has not been collected in 2 weeks (We could not confirm this).
In any case: Rats infestation in Yonkers is nothing new: They are on Post, Getty Square, St Casimer and other poor areas.
The question is: What is our Mayor/City doing about the RAT problem.




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When you care about those u represent: Speak as Mayor Mike Spano did…U dont hide!!!