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Un ORGULLO Mexicano

Who is Mr Roberto Espiritu?
If I had to describe Mr Roberto Espiritu in 3  words, I would simply say: UN ORGULLO MEXICANO!!!!
Mr Espiritu arrived in USA in 1988. He came to USA with a dream and a plan.
Upon his arrival (1988) his brother found him a job at PUGLIA BAKERY as a Baker, Puglia was a Italian Bakery located on Park Hill Ave, 4 years later (1992) Mr Espiritu open the 1st ” LA PINATA ” Bakery (across the Street from the current location) with help of his wife and family members that believed in his vision.
26 years later…..Mr Roberto Espiritu is a success and thinks that the hard work definitely paid off. ” LA PINATA ” Bakery was just named the BEST BAKERY in YONKERS.
Mr Espirity strongly believes that ” AMERICA ” is the Land of opportunity  if you are whiling to work hard to achieve your dream.
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