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Mayor Richard Thomas is MOVING Mt VERNON FORWARD

Date: 05/14/18
Time: 10:00am
Where: Memorial Field, Mt Vernon
Mt Vernon, NY: Mayor Richard Thomas says that nothing or anyone is going to stop Mt Vernon from MOVING FORWARD and he is showing it with work and progress that can be felt and measured.
Improvements/Progress can clearly be seen all over the City. Roads are being fixed, Zombie Houses rebuild, IT infrastructure updated and upgraded.
10 years LATER: MEMORIAL FIELD is finally being rebuild and within a few months we will be able to see children, adults, sportsman/woman on the tracks, we will be able to see shows of many types at this location. The improvement will be a sources of income for the City of Mt Vernon.
” For a decade, Memorial Field has been a zombie ” Mayor Richard Thomas said. ” But, today, the flatlining is over and the pulse returns ”
Please watch the ” REBIRTH OF THE PLACE ” where many memories were built.

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