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Is Brian Harrod the KING of WELFARE?

Seattle Had the Queen of Welfare!
Yonkers Has the King of Welfare!

Mr Brian Harrod walks from his state subsidized housing located at 502 Whestone Ave, Yonkers to the Yonkers Welfare Office asking for money to pay his Con Edison and Food.

How is it possible that a man who claims to be a successful business man, owner of ABM Janitorial Service, Editor-in-Chief of several news publications including Stocks Newswire/Yonkers Newswire/White Palins Newswire, Mt Vernon Newswire, Bronx Newswire, a Financial Advisor, et al…appeared at the Yonkers Welfare office to get social programs like rent, food stamps, and even cash to pay the Con-Ed bill?

This topic is NOT about Mr. Brian Harrod. It is about those who take advantage of Social Programs this making it difficult for those in dire straits to receive the help they so desperately need.

The example of Mr Brian Harrod, self proclaimed transparent individual, is being used as an example to examine the fraud that happens and takes away resources away from those in need.

At Mr Harrod’s last interview at Welfare he was not wearing his glass eye, dressed poorly and smelled rancid. Is this the M.O. to receive benefits?—To appear as down and out as humanly possible?

See, Mr Brian Harrod, reach out to our 23K members of Yonkers Voice and ask for help.

It is because of individuals such as these social parasites that make it difficult for people who really nee to qualify for SSD, SSI, Welfare, Section 8, SNAP and others.

If Mr Brian Harrod can spend 14 plus hours behind a computer blogging/slandering and harassing then he surely can hold a job.

What do you think about the abuse of our social programs?


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