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Shifting Energy

Date: 09/21/17
Time: 2:00pm
Where: Yonkers
Ref: Be the Change you Want to See
Shifting Energy: Focusing on changing for the better and change starts with changing ourselves. Love is the strongest vibration to spark a shift in energy and when we love ourselves abundantly its makes the challenge of changing the world less difficult.
Peace #SuccessisTheMission #MorePositiveNewz
Please watch this Yonkers Voice interview with Mr Tom Ray and SHARE it with the world. Be the messenger of LOVE!
PS: Some folks on our pages at times complain that our videos are very raw but never the less they view them over and over and SHARE like there is no tomorrow NEVER the less: When we publish a POSITIVE stuff like this video not many people SHARE.
Please be part of the solution: Lets spread Tom Ray message.

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