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Possible Murder/Suicide in Mt Vernon

Date: 11/05/17
Time: 6:00pm
Where: Around 160 Douglas Pl
Disclaimer: I am giving you this narration as I got it. Nothing was confirmed at the time of the shooting of this video. The information I received were from people that live in the area. Keep in mind that YV is very often at the scene very early so details are not always available and what we have is not always 100% correct.
I was told that some type of confrontation happen in or around 168 Douglas Pl, Mt Vernon (down the Street from Mayor Richard Thomas house) and a person was killed (not sure how) and another tried to kill himself.
While we were at the scene we could hear hostage negotiators speak on blow horns with the suspect, a female family member arrived at the scene and was escorted by Police Officers to the scene of the incident. We know that this family member was the sister of one of the individuals involved but not sure of whom.

11/06/17 (11:15am) UPDATE UPDATE: THIS WAS NOT a Murder Suicide as it was reported.
When report was first released we were told that this was a murder suicide but it turn out that the person was a EDP (Emotional Disturbed Person)

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