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Inferno on 42 Oak St

Date: 11/06/17
Time: 5:05am
Where: 40 & 42 Oak St, Yonkers

Let me start by saying thanks to our 1st responders (YFD/YPD/Empress EMS/OEM and every one that risk their lives to save others.
Today at around 5:05am a fire started on the 3rd Fl of 42 Oak St a 4 family building. Everyone was safely evacuated, the fire then expanded to 40 Oak St (also 4 family building) and both building were consumed by the fire. A 3rd Building (38 Oak St) suffered heavy water damage. It took 3 plus hours to put this fire under control, NRFD also come to assist. This FIRE was classified a 4th Alarm.

5 civilians and 4 firefighters were injured but not seriously.
At this time we do not know how the fire started but the ARSON Team was on site to investigate.
A total of 8 or maybe more families will have to be relocated.

Do we need to have some fatalities in order to get the new Fire House built?
Does anyone have to die?

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