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Mayor Richard Thomas Town Hall at Memorial Field

Date: 09/24/17
Time: 4:00pm
Where: Memorial Field, Mt Vernon

************ A NEW VISION FOR MT VERNON, NY **********

Mayor Richard Thomas of Mt Vernon NY Hosts a Town Hall on Memorial Field to provide an update on the illegal dumping at the Memorial Field and to speak about the Future plans of what is coming and detail presentation on 2018 budget proposal and what it means for the future of Mt Vernon.

Mayor Thomas says: ” We are strengthening the public safety and supporting the man and woman that go to work every day to keep us safe. This budget restores a dozen police officers. It adds five firefighters and inspectors to the Fire Department.
This is a budget for Mt Vernon and it allows us to continue moving forward, Public safety is essential to enhancing our quality of life, raising property values and keeping our City safe and secure. In addition, the city’s current construction boom and revernue-enhancing measures means we can keep the tax rate to a modest 4.87 percent increase ”

” The known liabilities include sewers, Memorial Field clean-up, DPW yard clean-up, Urban Renewal Agency and amount to staggering threats to property taxes due to past obstruction by the City Council and Comptroller Maureen Walker. We have diligently worked to address those penalties; however, as the State Supreme Court ruled ” Political Animus ” on the part of Comptroller Walker and the City Council has sabotaged our adminstration and our City. There is a ” Significant monetary penalty ” and the City Council must be prepared to allocate millions to pay for their willful and repeated dereliction of duty ”

Above Statement was released by Mayor Thomas Press Release.


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