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Debate: Maeve Scott vs John Rubbo

Date: 10/12/17
Time: 9:45am
Where: Fire House #1

We crossed paths with Maeve Scott this morning and asked her about her upcoming debate with Mr John Rubbo. She said that she is ready for it as she has always been.

Mr John Rubbo also contacted us on 10/10/17 to let us know that he is ready as well and that he accepts the invitation to debate but that he has to clear some dates from his busy calendar.
At this time…We are waiting for a response on a date from Mr John Rubbo.
So: Mr John Rubbo has said YES YES YES…He will do it :-)
Thank you Mr Rubbo for getting back to us and making this happen. Please let us know your openings.
Please keep in mind that we need time in advance to set it up and secure a venue.

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