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Yonkers Homeless Problem

Date: 08/08/17
Time: 12:15pm (+-)
Where: Getty Square – Yonkers
While I was driving around I saw a lady (Debbie) on the Floor and a Police Officer next to her. I parked to see what was going on and saw Mayor Spano also there. He seem to be concern with the lady on the Floor and he approached the Police Officers and EMS that were attending the lady, it also appeared that the Officers already knew who this lady was and so did I. I have seen her many times around the area and a few times being assisted by YPD/EMS.
I asked the Mayor about the situation with the Homeless in Yonkers and he tells me that a new location for the shelter has been identified but the is no date as of yet for the move.
Mayor also told me something interesting: I said to him…U know Mayor, many of the homeless are not from Yonkers and his reply was: I know Ben but once they are in our City they are our people and we have a responsibility to help them.

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