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Resisting arrest

Date: 08/28/17
Time: 11:50pm
Where: 464 Riverdale Ave

YPD responded to the above address on a report of a fight inside a Deli store and that suspects were breaking items inside.
When I arrived YPD was already outside with one of the man and they were engage in a conversation and the man appeared to be explaining something to the officers… the explanation appeared to ve over and the Officers were walking away in direction to the store when the man try to run away in direction of the Officers/Store. It was not clear to me if the man was running towards the Officers or towards anyone else, at that moment the Officers went after him bringing his to the ground and placed him under arrest.
I could see two adults that appeared to know him coming towards the Officers (in a non threatening way) and I could hear the Officers say that he was resisting arrest.

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