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EDP being removed from the Pier

Date: 08/29/17
Time: 10:30pm

While you sleeping and me filming: The YPD Officers were hard at work keeping our City and Citizens safe.

This group of officers responded to the River Front on a report of a man acting strange by the dock.
As the Police Officers were bringing him out he was moaning that he did not do anything.
Let me point out that I dont think that he was being arrested…He was brought to a waiting ambulance and was being transported to a local Hospital for observation.
Before some of you start asking why so many Officers for one man, let me point out that when Police responds, they have no idea if the man is armed or not or if he has friends or not or if he is going to jump in the water or not. The massive Police presence is there for whatever is needed. I personally prefer to see more Officers and dont need them then not to see them and need them.

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