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Christopher Johnson for Legislator

Date: 07/28/17
Time: 12:30pm
Where: Yonkers

We had the pleasure of interviewing the Hon. Christopher Johnson, Councilmember of the 2nd District in Yonkers (D). Councilman Johnson is also vying for the County Legislator’s seat in the 16th Legislative District come this upcoming September during a 4-way Democratic Primary. (The seat is to be vacated by the Honorable Ken Jenkings who is running for County Executive .) Councilman Johnson considers himself a progressive democratic voice. He goes on to explain that progressive means to move forward, young new ideas, and thinking outside the box. Councilman Johnson feels he’s done alot of the work in the city council and he can continue the progress on the county level as the obvious next step. Some of Johnson’s goals and targets on the county level are: affordable housing, education, working parents day care, and the opportunity for working folks to have quality and safe transportation . Please, watch the video for full interview…

Disclaimer: Yonkers Voice does not ENDORSE/SPONSOR any candidate. Our only purpose is to let the people of our Community know who is who in the political arena and what their platform is.

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