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YPS Transportation Issues


Date: 12/12/19

Yonkers Voice is not only a platform where the people of YONKERS can come to and talk about their issues…. WE ALSO STRIVE to be the place where we can help find solutions for those issues.

Today we have Gail Baxter who is a advocate who helps many of our Citizens.

The subject of this interview is our Public Schools & Transportation of students.

Today we are addressing the requirements involving eligibility on how kids with special needs get Transportation.

If you are a parent/Guardian with concerns on this subject: We want to hear from you.

We also contacted the the Board of Education asking for a comment on this subject.

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Bellow is the letter we received from Gail Baxter.

“ I am a Retired Parent Coordinator from the Yonkers Public School System. While employed, my duties included but was not limited to acting as a Liaison between community stakeholders and the School System. I was responsible for helping parents understand the policies and practices that affected their child’s performance.

Attendance is an important factor and the School District hold parents accountable for making sure that children attend each day and are prepared. Unfortunately, many many parents complain about either having no transportation or finding it difficult to get to their pickup locations. The School District’s policy regarding the requirements and eligibility becomes convoluted especially in a City know for its hilly and/or dangerous terrain.

Tho retired, I still receive calls from parents whose children have missed in excess of 10 days and now on the “fast track” for a CPS report which in the end can destroy the reputation and/or employment of a parent.

As a current member of the Board of Education Policy Committee, I would like to share “Tips” that are never conveyed to parents in a way that they clearly understand – which in the long-run will avoid excessive absences and an emotional disconnect by parents who wind up “fed-up” and even moving from Yonkers.

I have lived in Yonkers for nearly 50 years and wake up each day thinking of ways to help parents and caregivers “Navigate a System” that is stretched to its absolute limits, riddled with racism and bigotry.

Gail Baxter “

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