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YPD respondes to a call about an agitated man in Getty Square

Date: 01/31/18
Time: Noon
Where: Getty Square, Yonkers
No other site gives you Street News in the way Yonkers Voice does.
Before we go any further, let me tell you guys that I do not have much details about this incident, I am broadcasting this in the same way as I saw it. We are your eyes on the Streets of Yonkers.
At around 12:00pm we noticed lots of Police Officers in the middle of Getty Square in Yonkers and a man on the ground.
The man appeared to be agitated and was screaming that he had not done anything, about 10 minutes later an ambulance showed up to take the man to a local hospital for observation.
Some of you maybe saying: So many cops for one man….Well, before you do this, think: When Police Officers come to a scene they have no idea what they may encounter. Any situation can escalate for the worst, besides when they respond they have no idea if the subject is armed or if there are other people around or if a civilian may get involved…..so crowed control is also an important factor when Law Enforcement comes to a scene.
Dont be so quick to criticize the Officers, if it wasn’t for them, the streets of Yonkers would be a zoo.

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