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YPD Crisis Negotiators Team Training


Date: 03/09/22
Where: Yonkers ESU Headquarters
What: YPD Crisis Negotiation Team Training Subject: Crisis Negotiators Responding to a Armed Barricaded Man

Please NOTE that this video is a TRAINING Scenario showing a response to a Armed man barricaded inside an Apt. The first few minutes of this video shows YPD Chief Joe Monaco giving us a description about the YPD Crisis Negotiators Team.

Often we see YPD Crisis Negotiation Team being called but we have no idea what it takes to be part of this team and the hundreds if not thousands of hours in training. To be a Crisis Negotiator Member… You must have a special set of skills that will help you connect with the person/s who are in crisis. Let’s not forget that PRESERVE LIFE for all involved is the Primary Goal and the #YPD has a very High Success Rate of achievement, the secondary goal, is to get the necessary help for the person in crisis. Today, you have an opportunity to sit in your living room/office and watch LIVE scenario of a Crisis Negotiators Team executing a Training Scenario.

Practice does NOT make Perfect…. PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!

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