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Yonkers Union Leaders are called to Gov Cuomo NYC Office

Date: 06/08/18
Time: 1:00pm
Where: Gov Cuomo NYC Office


Yonkers, NY: It seems like good News is in the air.
Yonkers Union Leaders were invited to Gov Cuomo’s Office in NYC to talk about the Financial Crises affecting Yonkers.

We spoke with them on the way in and none had any idea what to expect or what this meeting was actually about, they knew that it was related to the financial issues affecting Yonkers but knew nothing else.
I waited for them to get out, the meeting took about 60 minutes, I saw some smiles and knew that something positive came out of this meeting BUT let me make it clear that nothing is official as of yet.
What the Union Leaders has to say was positive: The all see and say that the Gov is whiling to help Yonkers but we still don’t know how much will come our way.
Now it’s a matter of wait and see.
There will be no Budget Vote until the City hears back from the Gov.

I maybe wrong but I have a feeling that Yonkers will avoid the layoffs.

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