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Yonkers Resident Boycott a Local Pharmacy


Date: 01/18/20
Time: 2:15pm
Where: 14 N Broadway, Yonkers
What: Local Store Boycott


Last Sunday (01/12/20) an incident happen at this Pharmacy.

It was alleged that a black woman was assaulted at this location by the owner of this establishment because he thought that the woman was stealing, it’s also alleged that called her the “ N “ word.

We made an attempt to contact the owner but we were told by workers at the store that owner is a way on vacation until next Wed (01/22/20) but they added that what is being alleged did not happen the way it has been described.

Tonia Conner from 100 Sister informed us that she spoke with the alleged victim and she confirmed that she was in fact assaulted, further more, she said that she spoke with another person who alleged that she experienced something similar at this location.

We asked Tonia Conner if she knew why YPD was not called: Her answer was; YPD was called and victim waited 45 minutes but Police did not arrive.

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