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Yonkers man posts a video of a Hasidic boy and gets over 4 million views

Ref: Yonkers Man post a video of a little Hasidic boy that goes viral.
On or around May 6th or 7th a Yonkers Man filmed and released a video of a little Hasidic boy this video got about 4 million views in many Social Platforms and many of those comments were not nice.
FaceBook received many complains about this video but refused to remove the video initially but later reversed that decision and decided to remove the video and suspend the author’s FB account for about 30 days citing that this video violated their Terms of Agreement. The suspension is for 30 days.
Well, we spoke with the author of this video: He explained that he NEVER had any intentions to bully this little boy, he made the video to get a few extra hits on his youtube channel and some laugh, he also said that this video took a direction that it was not intended.
I must say that I had never talked with Quai James before but I knew about him, I know for a fact that he is a bright young man with a good hearth. He spends tons of time on the streets of Yonkers feeding the homeless and doing the right thing.
Quai James has made a public apology and he is sorry for this video. His intent was not to hurt/ridicule anyone.
Please watch this video and FEEL FREE to SHARE it.

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