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Yonkers Council President ” Mike Khader ” 1st Virtual Town Hall

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Date: 7/30/19
Where: Yonkers City Hall
What: 1st Virtual Town Hall “ EVER “ in Yonkers

1st YONKERS “ Virtual Town Hall Meeting “ LIVE “ with Yonkers Council President Mr Mike Khader

Mr Khader once told me: “ If it matters to you… It matters to Mike “

Please join this Virtual Town Meeting and participate BUT please keep in mind that your questions MUST be posed/presented in a respectful and polite manner otherwise it will be ignored and u maybe removed from the PAGE!

We want to make our platform a place where your voice is heard and our guests are respected regardless if u agree or disagree with what they have to say.

Let me take this opportunity to invite any/all Elected Officials to sit with Yonkers Voice and talk about issues affecting their own districts.

Join The Discussion!

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