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Is RACISM in Yonkers alive and KICKING


Date: 03/20/18

Time: 6:45pm

Where: 194 Buena Vista Ave

YPD responded to the above address on a report of Racist Slurs painted on the outside wall, door and patio of 194 Buena Vista.

According to my sources, this incident is being classified as a ” BIAS ” Incident.

Sources say that this particular building was up for bit between a black family and a Jewish individual, the Black family won the bit and now this happen.

Is RACISM in Yonkers still alive and kicking?

I am sure that YPD will investigate this incident and find who did this.

YFD also at the scene to try to wash off the RACIST SLURS from the wall and floor but they were unsuccessful, DPW were called in.


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