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What would have happen if we hadn’t interfered?

Date: 03/18/18
Time: 4:00am
It’s around 4:00am and I am sitting in my car about to finish my nightly shift when I see this couple coming out of a car. They both appeared to be intoxicated but it looked to me that the male was helping the woman walk towards home…. but all the sudden I hear the woman screaming: Ayuda ayuda/Help me help me…. that is when I got off the car to see what was going on. She ran to me and asked me to take her away from there and that she did not want to go with the guy ( the woman appeared to be a bit intoxicated as well). I asked if she wanted me to call the Police but she said to call her a taxi to take her home and that was what I did but now I am thinking if I did the right thing or if I should have called the Police.

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