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Shots Fired on Oliver Av & Victor St and a possible victim

Date: 05/30/18
Time: 11:50pm
Where: Oliver & Victor and also 53 Palisade Ave
IF IT WASN’T FOR YONKERS VOICE: The City of Yonkers would not know what goes on our Streets.
Yonkers, NY: It has been a while since we report SHOTS fired in Yonkers, well that ended today.
At around 11:50pm a call come in reporting shots fire on the vicinity of Oliver & Victor (by Elm St) as you can see on the video, Oliver was sealed off by YPD for investigation. While we were at the scene no bullet cases had been found but there is a witness that says that shots were fired.
Shortly after the SHOTS fired report, another call come in reporting a POSSIBLE gun shot victim across from 53 Palisades Ave, within minutes YPD was at the scene an a male was found on the ground bleeding from his hands, we could not get a confirmation or denial if the two incidents were related.
As you all know: Yonkers Voice is very often at the scene at early stages of the investigation and not all details are available.
Victim was transported to St Joseph Hospital and YPD still at the scene conducting an investigation.
As ALWAYS: Yonkers Voice is FOCUSED & DETERMINED to bring you URBAN NEWS in a RAW & PURE format: WHAT U SEE IS WHAT WENT DOWN!!!

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