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Road Rage incident leaves 3 man stabbed in Yonkers

Date: 07/18/18
Time: 4:00pm
Crime Scene: 714 Yonkers Ave and intersection of Yonkers Ave & Kimball
Yonkers, NY: I am going to give you this report as I heard it, so there is room for error.
At 4:00pm the YPD received a report of multiple stab victims at the intersection of Yonkers Ave and Kimball Ave.
Upon arrival, they noticed one man stabbed in the chest and bleeding heavily, chest compressing was done and victim transported to Jacobi Hospital, his condition is unknown at this time but we believe that he is in serious condition, police found multiple stab victims and more ambulances we called to the scene.
It appears that this incidents started on 714 Yonkers Ave where the man were stabbed they then took off in the car but were stopped by YPD at the intersection of Yonkers Ave & Kimball, we are not sure if they were trying to leave the area or on the way to a Hospital.
Some one at the scene told me that this was a Road Rage incident but we could not confirm if this is true or not.
Suspect/s fled the scene. If you have any information related to this incident or any other crime, call the YPD right away,


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