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RAT issue FOLLOW UP. A talk with the Landlord

Date: 01/10/18
Time: 2:45pm
Where: 90 Oliver Ave, Yonkers

Yesterday (1/9/18) we ran a story on rats infestation at the above address.
We spoke with  the landlord (Mr Kamir Khaury) this afternoon about this, please watch the video to hear what he had to say.
We personally asked the tenants when was the last time a exterminator went to the building and they had no memory of ever seeing one, Mr Kamir disputes that and says that exterminator goes to the building every month and blames the tenants in part for this problem, he says that they dont store the garbage correctly and they have dog/cat food all over the place and this attracts the rats but he does recognize a rat problem.
He told us that the Company he uses to pesticide the building will be onsite this coming Sat to address this problem.

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