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Possible drug bust on 158 Woodworth Ave

Date: 01/10/18
Time: 10:10pm
Where: 158 Woodworth Ave, Yonkers

Most of us hear the word ” GUN ” and we run away….The man/woman in Blue hear that same word and they ” They RUN IN ”
They are not the enemy!

At around 10:10pm a tenant/s from 158 Woodworth Ave called the Yonkers Police to report 2 armed man with handguns on the Hallway, shortly after they called again saying that one of the man had moved to fire escape stairs and was breaking in to an Apt, within a few minutes the above addressed was flooded with Police Officers…. once the police arrived, the suspects who were already inside the Apt begin to throw some packages from the rear window of the Apt to the back of the building (packages possibly contain drugs)
After about 40 minutes, Police removed 2 man from the building in handcuff.
A white BMW SUV that was parked outside of 158 Woodworth was being searched.

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