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Yonkers Police Raids a Yonkers Deli Store

NO one reports URBAN/Street News better then YV

Date: 02/13/18
Time: 2:30pm
Where: ” Tito’s Deli & Grocery ”
6 Post St, Yonkers

YPD raided ” Tito’s Deli Grocery ” located on 6 Post St, on a report that the establishment was running Illegal Gambling at this location.
The owner and an employee were taken out on handcuffs, at this this time its unknown if they are under arrest or what the charges maybe.
We spoke with a few people on the street and asked if they knew the owner and they all said that the owner is a wonderful person.
We were also told that the Police Raided this very same place a few months back for allowing customers to consume alcohol inside the store (this could not be confirmed)

Please dont forget that EVERYONE is presumed innocent until found guilty in a Court of law.

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